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Created on 2009-05-30 00:23:24 (#394413), last updated 2009-05-30 (434 weeks ago)

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Name:Abandoned Buildings
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A community for sharing pictures of abandoned buildings

Welcome to Abandoned Buildings, a community for sharing pictures, video and locations of abandonded buildings and areas.


Membership is currently open, please feel free to invite your friends.


1. No trolling allowed! Anyone who trolls this community will be kicked out.
2. Don't delete a post, it's not cool
3. Don't delete, freeze or screen comments, it's also not cool.
4. Don't flame other members, hatred of any description will not be tolerated.
5. Please keep your posts ON topic and productive.
6. If your picture is very big, or your post has more than one picture, please use a cut.
7. Each post should contain at least one on topic picture.

Breaking the rules can incur the wrath of the ban hammer.


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abandon, abandoned, abandoned amusement parks, abandoned asylums, abandoned buildings, abandoned graveyards, abandoned hospitals, abandoned houses, abandoned mental asylums, abandoned mines, abandoned places, abandoned prisons, abandoned schools, abandoned state hospitals, abandoned towns, abandoned tunnels, abandonment, abandonment in general, abnormal, abnormal psychology, adventures, ambition, analyzing, ancient, ancient cultures, art, artists, asylum, asylums, black and white, bridges, cameras, catacombs, chambers, construction sites, creepy stuff, darkness, darkrooms, decay, digital cams, digital photography, discoveries, disorders, do not enter, eastern europe, empty houses, experimentation, exploration, exploring, exploring abandoned places, factories, ghost towns, ghosts, graffiti, graveyards, haunted, haunted houses, haunted places, historic, historic preservation, historical places, history, hospitals, human behaviour, human beings, images, imagination, insanity, insomnia, institute, institutions, intelligence, japan, learning, listening, literature, lomography, london underground, madness, medium format, mental asylums, mental illness, museums, neglect, nightmares, no future, observing, old buildings, old movie theatres, old neighborhoods, old photographs, old things, open-mindedness, padded walls, passageways, passion, patients, peace, philosopohy, photo, photo art, photograph, photographers, photographs, photography, photos, pics, picture, pictures, polaroids, post apocalyptic world, psychology, psychopathology, reading, sanitariums, scars, self destructing, serial killers, shadows, state hospitals, street art, suburbs, tagging, taking pictures, the future, the past, thinking, through the looking-glass, tombs, torture, toy cameras, tunnels, underground tunnels, underworld, unusual, urban, urban adventures, urban art, urban assault, urban decay, urban exploration, urban ruins, victorian london, vintage cameras, visions, visiting abandoned buildings, visiting abandoned places, visiting historical places, visual art, wards
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